Dust filter for volume flows of 20,000 - 200,000 m³/h

Whether small or large - it is always clean

Dust filters are used to filter out fine suspended particles.
FAS Hansek develops and manufactures dust filters for the following

// Recycling plants and systems
// Wood and plastics industry
// Casting and metalworking industry
// Cement industry
// Lignite / power plant industry

Filter media is cleaned using compressed air. The discharge can be adjusted depending on the on-site situation.

Main characteristics

  • Filters fine suspended particles
  • Dust type: different materials
  • Residual dust content: 5mg/m³
  • Filter media: Cartridges
  • Volume flow: 20.000 - 200.000 m³/h
  • Extraction point: Raw material feeding
  • Discharge example: via transport pipes/ screws into containers

Main advantages

  • Sturdy construction
  • Long service life due to wear-resistant design
  • Customized size and design


Deep hopper dedusting

A deep hopper dedusting system extracts dust generated by a tipping vehicle when unloading material by a filter. Fine suspended particles are separated by filter cartridges and clean air is fed back into the atmosphere via a clean gas duct and a fan. Filter cartridges are cleaned with compressed air and fine suspended particles fall thus into a trough screw conveyor and then are then transported via a tubular screw conveyor into containers.

Volume flow: 48,000 m³/h
Residual dust content: 5 mg/m³

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