Primary crusher

The primary crusher is used to crush different materials. Material is fed into the housing of the primary crusher via a classic inlet. In the housing the material is conveyed by a transport spiral towards the reaming head, where it is coarsely pre-crushed between the spiral and grinding bars. The crushed material is compressed and ground in the reaming head between the reaming flange and the reaming disc.

By adjusting the distance between the reaming discs any product course can be produced: from fine flour to flakes.  Then material falls through the discharge box ready for further processing.  

If the machine is completed with an infeed device, then it is also suitable for automatically feeding and grinding of waste boards up to a width of 1600 mm (for this see mineral wool/waste shredder).

Suitable materials

  • Mineral wool waste (glass wool, stone wool)
  • Laminated mineral wool
  • Glass fiber waste
  • Glass fiber coils and continuous fiber

Main advantages

    • long service life due to wear-resistant construction
    • grinding fineness can be adjusted according to customer requirements  

Our tailor-made offer for your requirements

// Simple primary crushers
// Primary crusher on steel structure
// Primary crusher with feed device
// Integrated wear protection parts for significantly longer service life and reduced maintenance costs
// Primary crusher according to individual specifications

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