Single shaft shredder

A single-shaft shredder is suitable to shred mineral wool waste and unlaminated mineral wool boards and then feed them via extraction system, e.g. to the recycling plant. Thus the mineral wool waste and unlaminated mineral wool boards are manually fed into the housing of the single-shaft shredder via an inlet. In the shredder the mineral wool waste is shredded between a rotor with knockers and a fixed sickle grate.

Size of end product can be changed by adjusting of sickle grate. Shredded material is transported by an air stream generated by an exhaust system, for example, to the recycling plant.  This can be regulated by a slide valve on the carrier air nozzle.

Main characteristics

  • Shredding of unlaminated mineral wool boards and mineral wool waste
    glass wool, stone wool
  • Density: up to max. 200kg/m³
Design 1600 1400 800
Feed material: width / weight 1200 mm / up to 260kg 1000 mm 600mm
Capacity up to 3.000kg/h    

Main advantages

  • Long service life due to wear-resistant construction
  • Size of the end product can vary
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